The Moorland Exmoor Pony Breeders Group 

The Moorland Exmoor Pony Breeders Group (MEPBG) was formed in January 2014, following the Peter Green report 'The Ponies of Exmoor National Park: Their Welfare, Status & Future'.
The MEPBG is a collaboration of Exmoor farming families and land owners working to improve breeding practices, moorland management, registration, welfare, communication, marketing, image and opportunities for Exmoor ponies born and bred in Exmoor National Park. 

The MEPBG Founder Members

The MEPBG represents the owners and managers of a large proportion of the free-living Exmoor ponies in Exmoor National Park, covering areas such as Brendon Common, Buscombe, Countisbury, Porlock Hill, Anstey and Withypool Commons, North Hill, Haddon Hill and Molland Moor. 

The MEPBG has established the Heritage Exmoor Pony Register to offer recognition and tracking of both Purebred & Pedigree Exmoor ponies, particularly those excluded from the current registration system, yet who are purebred and meet the breed standard. The objective is to avoid further genetic wastage within the dangerously small, endangered Exmoor pony gene pool. 

The MEPBG, along with the Exmoor Pony Project (Moorland Exmoor Foal Project) also organises the Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival. The festival takes place in August each year and celebrates and promotes pedigree and purebred Exmoor ponies of Exmoor National Park and beyond. With particular emphasis on the free-living herds and moorbred foals who need to find good homes each autumn after the gatherings. 

Please make enquiries to MoorlandExmoorGroup@Hotmail.co.uk. 

MEPBG Founder Members & Committee include:
Chairman: Nick Westcott (Holtball Herd 11 - Dunkery Commons & Porlock Vale)
Treasurer: Maria Floyd (Tippbarlake Herd 387 - Brendon Common)
Laison: Rex Milton (Withypoole Herd 23 - Anstey and Withypool Commons)
PR & Communications: Dawn Westcott (Holtball Herd 11 - Porlock Vale)
Christine Allen (Farleywater Herd H67 - Buscombe)
James Bryant (Herd 423 - Countisbury)
Matthew Coldicutt (Porlock Herd 100 - Porlock Hill)
William Dart (Moorland Herd 99 - Molland Moor)
Richard Dart (Moorland Herd 99 - Molland Moor)
Sarah Dart (Mooralnd Herd 99 - Molland Moor)
Jessica Floyd (Tippbarlake Herd 387 - Brendon Common)
Nigel Floyd (Tippbarlake Herd 387 - Brendon Common)
Roz Leworthy (Herd 423 - Countisbury)
Ian South (Farleywater Herd H67 - Buscombe)
Kate South (Farleywater Herd H67 - Buscombe)
Ben Williams (Molland Moor and Badgworthy
Christina Williams (Molland Moor)
Diane Wyatt
Peter Wyatt

Organisation Members & Land Agents:
Badgworthy Land Company
Ben Williams
Brendon Commons Council
Exmoor National Park Authority
Guy Thomas-Everard
Peter Huntley

MEPBG Breeders Directory List:
The following Exmoor Moorland Farmers & Herd Owners run either free-living and/or in ground Exmoor Pony Herds in Exmoor National Park. At certain times of the year, Moorland Exmoor youngstock or older ponies may be available For Sale. You may contact the herd owners directly, and you can also email your enquiries to the Moorland Exmoor Pony Breeders Group at moorlandexmoorgroup@hotmail.co.uk.

The Bryant Family - Herd 423
Location: Countisbury - Exmoor National Park
Contact: Mr James Bryant
Address: Kipscombe Farm, Countisbury, Lynton, Exmoor, Devon EX35 6NE
Telephone: 01598 741152 Email james.bryant@live.co.uk 

The Coldicutt Family - Porlock Herd 100
Location: Porlock Hill - Exmoor National Park
Contact: Mr Matthew Coldicutt Email: matthewcoldicutt@gmail.com
Telephone: 07989 322 090

The Dart Family - Moorland Herd 99
Location: Molland Moor - Exmoor National Park
Contact: Mr William Dart email dart@champson.eclipse.co.uk
Address: Great Champson, Molland, South Molton, Devon, EX36 3ND
Telephone: 01769 550263.

The Floyd Family - Herd 387 'Tippbarlake'
Location: Brendon Common and Badgworthy - Exmoor National Park
Contact: Mr Nigel Floyd and Mrs Maria Floyd
Address: Brendon Barton, Brendon, Lynton, Exmoor EX35 6LP
Telephone: 01598 741201 or mobile 07974 346755 Email: mariafloyd@gmail.com

The Milton Family - Herd 23 'Withypoole'
Loction: Withypool and Anstey Commons - Exmoor National Park
Contact: Mr Rex Milton email partridgearmsfarm@gmail.com 
Address: Partridge Arms Farm, West Anstey, South Molton,
Devon EX36 3NU
Telephone: 07770 814179 or 01398 341217

The South Family - Herd H67 'Farleywater'
Location: Buscombe - Exmoor National Park
Contact: Chris Allen
Address: Farley Water Farm, Brendon, Lynton, Exmoor EX35 6LQ
Telephone: 01598 741272 Email: farleywater@outlook.com 

The Westcott Family - Herd 11 'Holtball'
Location: Porlock Vale & Dunkery - Exmoor National Park
Contact: Nick and Dawn Westcott
Address: Holt Ball Farm, Luccombe, Minehead, Somerset TA24 8SZ
Tel: 01643 862466 Email: exmoorponyclub@hotmail.co.uk

The Exmoor National Park Authority
Location: Haddon Hill, Simonsbath, North Hill
Contact: Mr Richard Eales
Address: Exmoor House, Dulverton, Somerset TA22 9HL
Telephone: 01398 323665 

MEPBG Social Media
Facebook: Moorland Exmoor Pony Breeders Group; Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival; Exmoor Pony Project
Twitter @MoorlandExmoors @HeritageExmoors @ExmoorPonyClub
Email moorlandexmoorgroup@hotmail.co.uk
Tel 01643 862466 or 01598 741201

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The MEPBG Exmoor Pony Herds

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